Upcoming cane/walking stick auctions/events

I am glad to offer my readers listings and information regarding future cane/walking stick auctions/events as follows:


The information below was submitted directly by Heritage Auctions:

If you go to the top of the home page on our HA.com website, https://www.ha.com/, you can register free to see all the auction photos on these links, as well as some of the amazing prices canes have brought in previous auctions. Try searching CANE as well as WALKING STICK on all the auctions. There are varied descriptions of the pieces.

Our original HA.com/6180 auction is on December 2 and has wonderful Historical walking sticks. You can search CANE and see all the ones offered. There are beautiful colored Presidential canes. I’ve never seen any covered in paper before. And, I’ve learned that many canes had storage space.

On December 8-10 we’re having a Fine & Decorative Art auction, HA.com/5337. This auction has a special sale from the Collection of Mr. Kenneth W. Davis, Fort Worth, Texas. Search WALKING STICK to see quite a few “gadget” canes being offered. There’s just about any kind you can think of. Pistol-dagger sticks, a Numismatic Coin tester, a Wine Taster’s Silver cane, and even one that contains all the pieces to make a bow and arrow! There’s a nice glass display case and racks offered by this collector too.

The next Arms & Armor event is on December 10 at HA.com/6184. There’s a cool Japanese sword-cane someone might really need.

The last one we have scheduled at the moment is a future Estate auction on March 10-11HA.com/5339. There may be more photos added as the sale date gets closer. There’s a microscope cane and a duck head silver stick that is a Salesman’s sample. It’s made with all the finishes available to show customer’s several options to order. It’s four colors and very eye-catching.

FYI, if you add an ‘a’ to any auction number, HA.com/5337a, you’ll see that home page. Some pages have videos about the Collections. All auctions are shown live, in real time at HA.com/Live. If you go to each home page, you should also see a link there to bid on auction day, from anywhere you may be.

Below are photos of noteworthy canes with short captions.  Note that you can tell by the first 4 numbers which auction the canes will be offered:

A Diamond or Jewelry Merchant’s Ebonized Wood and Mother-of-Pearl Travelling Scale Walking Stick.
Henry Clay: Important Presentation Cane to James Chamberlain Jones, Governor and then U.S. Senator from Tennessee.
Cleveland & Thurman and McKinley & Roosevelt: Jugate Paper-Covered Canes.
A Salesman’s Sample Walking Stick, early 20th century, 28-1/2 inches.
An English Ebonized Wood Numismatist’s Walking Stick, late 19th century 36 inches.
Six English, French, and American Instrument Walking Sticks.
William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody: An early 1873 Presentation Cane, with signed Transmittal Note.


The information below was submitted directly by Gray’s Auctioneers:

On November 29th, Gray’s Auctioneers will be having an auction filled with fine art, decorative art and a collection of canes, walking sticks and cases. The canes range from carnival canes to gentlemen’s walking sticks and more. Also glass cases and stands round out lots 305-386 in the auction. Click on the link to view the online catalog and register to bid. Any questions, please contact us directly at:
216-226-3300 or email: info@graysauctioneers.com.

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