Commemorative canes: Relic, memento, and souvenir canes/walking sticks

The word “commemorate” is defined as “to recall and show respect for (someone or something), i.e. celebrating an event, person, or situation by doing or building something.” Synonyms include celebrate, pay tribute to, pay homage to, honor, salute, toast, acknowledge, memorialize, observe, remember, enshrine, exalt, glorify, honor, bless, consecrate, sanctify, and solemnize.

Collectors, based on their historical interest, search for objects connected to a specific time, place, person, and/or event.

Memorabilia refers to  the collection of objects, mementos and/or souvenirs, kept in order to “remember” or “recollect” a specific time, place, person and/or event.

Cane/walking stick collectors may choose to collect decorative canes, gadget canes, weapons canes, ivories, canes of historical interest, relic canes, folk art canes, all the above…the sky’s the limit!


For antique cane and walking stick enthusiasts