Pink ivory

Pink Ivory is one of the world’s rarest, most expensive and most uniquely/exotically colored standard (non-burl or grain irregular) woods. It is a dense/extremely hard, heavy wood known for its unique color. It is the only wood in the world that displays pink coloration. Depending on grade, Pink Ivory can range from a pastel yellow-pink to a deep magenta.

It is highly sought after by hobby and professional woodworkers alike. Known in Africa as the “Royal Wood,” it was only legal for Zulu royalty to possess the material until the 1800’s. It carves and finishes extremely well and is ideal for use in body jewelry.

Care must be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as the color can eventually begin to dull from UV exposure.

Like many other natural materials, the value of the material increases according to the saturation of color. The most deeply saturated near-red magenta pinks are the most valuable.

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Handle is carved pink ivory with ivory top cap and collar. The pink ivory has a great floral pattern carved into it. 35-1/2” tall.


OneTribe fine jewelry, Richmond, VA

For antique cane and walking stick enthusiasts