Ivory French bulldog cane handle

A high-end French cane on its zigged ebony shaft with ivory ferrule and magnificent gilt collar inspired by a Roman capital.

Carved in accordance with a hardy shape to depict the head of a French bulldog, its 3” wide and 2.5” high handle shows a ferocious beast with a wide-open muzzle, exposing sharp teeth.  The slightly raised head has in addition cut ears, folded face and hanging flews and two dark and large inset glass eyes which lend it character and vitality.

Belonging to a type that came into fashion with the spreading breed of the fighting animal around 1880, this cane is probably one of the best examples of its kind. Way out of the ordinary, it is noticeable for the large size of its handle and collar as well as just the right portion of wear and patina.  Overall length:  35-1/4”.


1. Photos and description courtesy of Youssef Kadri.

For antique cane and walking stick enthusiasts