Cane poems/songs

“Grandfather’s Cane” (1882)

Words and Melody by May Southwick

1. It is thirty years, or more,
In those good old days of yore,
Methinks I hear that music once again,
Of that tapping on the floor,
As he came thro’ the door,

The sound of my grandfather’s cane.
This relic is all he left us
From our grandfather’s house,
Where we’re soon to build a mansion new;
Oh! the cider was so sweet,
The apples were the best,
And roses fair as ever grew.

CHORUS [sung after each verse]
Tap, tap, tap, that old familiar sound,
Oh! if we could but hear it once again,
The dear old man has gone,
He’s joined the angel throng,
Naught is left to us but Grandfather’s cane.

2. Once more I stand inside
Of my grandfather’s house,
The rooms now are empty dark and cold;
There’s a relic in the corner
Which I grasp with eager hands,
With these walls it shall never be sold;
For the trembling hands that grasped it,
The form it once sustained,
In sweet mem’ry, it now lives again,
And though riches now I have,
The half I’d freely give
To hear that tapping of his cane.

3. What happy children we,
As we trudged in childish glee
To grandfather’s house on the hill;
We roamed through the meadows,
And we fished in the brooks,
And of grandma’s cakes we had our fill;
When in mischief we were caught,
And to account were brought,
They sent us flying home through the lane.
Oh! that dear old wrinkled face,
We never shall forget,
Or the tap, tap, tapping of his cane.

[Cover page: “My Grand Fathers Cane.”]
[Title page:] “My Grandfather’s Cane!” (1878)
Song & Chorus
Written, Composed & Respectfully Dedicated to
Charles Louis Stephan, Cincinnati, Ohio
By Harry Banks.

1. My grandfather’s cane, I remember it well,
’Twas an ebony stick, on the head was a shell,
Engraved in pure gold for the hand to embrace,
While helping assisting his faltering pace.
He was staight as an arrow, and handsome when young,
He carried no staff, he was active and strong,
But as age came upon him with trouble and pain,
A friend and support was my Grandfather’s cane.

CHORUS [sung after each verse]
That ebony cane, that golden head cane,
that trusty old cane, that my grandfather wore,
I love it, God bless it, my tears fell upon it;
For its master, grandfather, alas is no more!

2. My grandfather’s cane, I remember it well,
It was never uplifted to force or compell
His many grandchildren to love and obey,
Believe me, that never was grandfather’s way.
His benevolent mouth and his eye always mild,
Would conquer the most disobediant child,
All the wealth in the wilde world could never obtain
As precious a relic as Grandfather’s cane.

3. My grandfather’s cane, I remember it well,
In that little white cottage far down in the dell
Where grandfather lived all the children would play,
With the goldheaded plaything on many a day.
It was used as a horse, or a spear, or a gun,
Grandfather would watch us and laugh at our fun,
In the ev’ning of life what can better sustain
My feeble old age than my Grandfather’s cane?

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