Heidelberg Style ivory cane handle


A great and uncommon German equestrian cane with a large Ziegenhainer ivory handle on a Makassar ebony shaft with a grooved metal collar and horn ferrule. It has a beautifully stretched 7-1/2” tall and plain pistol grip, often referred to as Heidelberg Style model, and is decorated with a splendid stallion’s head in an integral raised carved cartouche. Notable for its proportions as well as its minimalist but expressive design, this cane is from the second half of the 19th century and appears to be a unique example of its kind, most likely by Glaser und Sohn from Dresden. It gained over the years a warm patina, which emphasizes the sheer design of the handle and its imposing presence. Overall length 37”. For a similar cane but with dog heads, see Francis H. Monek’s book Canes Through The Ages, P. 72.


1. Pictures and description courtesy of Youssef Kadri

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