Building your cane/walking stick library/bibliography

It is best to start any collection with at least a rudimentary knowledge about that which is being collected. Besides which, doing your due diligence at first may save you some buyer’s remorse down the road.

To start, I suggest you peruse the internet or take a trip to your local library. There are various keywords associated with canes including walking sticks, staffs, rods, and scepters, period clothing and accessories. On my first trip to the library, I came home with a small paperback copy of Canes and Walking sticks by Kurt Stein. I found this to be an excellent beginning reference, and on returning the book to the library, decided to purchase the book. I was disappointed to find that the book was out of print, but because I felt the material contained was invaluable and was passionate about the subject, I checked the book out once again, and photocopied the contents! It is a wonderful reference for beginning collectors. I have seen this book come up for auction and should not be too difficult to obtain.

Below is a list containing the names of some excellent and indispensable books with which a serious collector should become familiar and acquire, if possible. Some are in print, and others are not. Those not in print may sometimes be acquired through used/rare book searches on the internet using sites like Abe Books, Alibris and Powells. From time to time books come up for auction on e-Bay or other auction venues. The list below is probably not complete, and I encourage readers to send me the names of related books and articles they find to be interesting and helpful.  The Kurt Stein book Canes & Walking Sticks is a wonderful book for beginning collectors, and I refer to it still.  Cane Curiosa by Catherine Dike is the premier gadget cane reference book.

Title: Canes & Walking Sticks
Author: Kurt Stein

Title: Cane Curiosa – From Gun to Gadget
Author: Catherine Dike

Title: Canes of the United States – Illustrated Mementoes of
American History 1607-1953
Author: Catherine Dike

Title: La Canne Objet d’Art
Author: Catherine Dike

Title: Le Cannes
Author: Pierre Faveton

Title: L’Age de la maturite: La cann et ses mysteres
Author: Patrick D. Gutknecht

Title: Canes Through the Ages
Author: Francis H. Monek

Title: Walking Sticks
Author: Ulrich Klever

Title: Walking Sticks (Text in Italian and English)
Author: Alfredo Lamberti

Title: Canes from the Seventeenth to Twentieth Century
Author: Jeffrey B. Snyder

Title: Canes and Walking Sticks – A Stroll Through Time and Place
Author: Jeffrey B. Snyder

Title: Fascinating Walking Sticks
Author: AE Boothroyd

Title: American Folk Art Canes
Author: George H. Meyer

Title: The Mandel Cane Collection
Author: Youssef W. Kadri

Title: The Pearson Cane Collection
Author: Youssef W. Kadri

Title: Animals in American Folk Art
Author: Wendy Lavitt

Title: Walking Sticks
Author: Edward Hart

Title: Bastoni, Dall’essenziale Allo Sutpufacente
Author: Sergio Coradeschi

Title: Stanhopes: A Closer View
Author: Jean Scott

Title:  Glasshouse Whimsies
Author:  Joyce E. Blake

Title:  Glasshouse Whimsies: An Enhanced Reference
Author:  Joyce Blake/Dale Murschell

Title: The Encyclopedia of Collectibles – Buttons to Chess Sets,
Pp. 42-53
Author: Time-Life Books

Title: Shire 256 Album – Walking Sticks
Author: Catherine Dike

Title: Identification Guide for Ivory and Ivory Substitues
Author: Edgard O. Espinoza & Mary-Jacque Mann

In addition, there are other books you may want to include in your library, specifically a wood identification book or web source, a book on gold/silver hallmarks or web source, and a book on ivory identification, or again, a web source. Below are some books in my library.

Title: What Wood is That? A Manual of Wood Identification
Author: Herbert L. Edlin – (Includes 40 actual wood specimens

Title: Miller’s Silver & Sheffield Plate Marks
Author: John Bly – (Pocket sized and therefore portable.
It includes a guide to makers and styles.)

Educate yourself and build your library. As a collector, the more knowledgeable you are, the less likely you will be disappointed with a purchase.

For antique cane and walking stick enthusiasts