Collecting tips/tools

Building your Collection
Building any collection is a highly personal endeavor. However what does hold true for most collectors is the desire for quality, as opposed to quantity. If you choose carefully and wisely, you will be on your way to building a fine collection of value.

What to collect?
Deciding what to collect may depend at first on what you can afford. System or gadget canes are highly collectible and among the most desirable and popular. Decorative canes assumed a variety of forms, made from a variety of materials including but not limited to gold, silver, ivory, porcelain, enamel, jewels and tortoiseshell. These are indeed mini works of art, created by premier artisans of the day. Folk art canes on the other hand were often created by artistically untrained, yet extremely creative individuals.

As a collector, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the myriad assortment of sticks that are available prior to making purchasing decisions. Perhaps you are fascinated by system canes and the great variety contained in this category. If so, before making a purchase, ask yourself, are the contents complete? Do I know how it works? Perhaps you are wowed by the beauty of decorative canes, or the simplicity of folk art canes. Perhaps you will instead decide to possess a more rounded collection containing a sampling of each.

Choose your purchases carefully. Gain as much information regarding your potential purchase as possible. What is the seller telling you? Is the information you are receiving consistent with what you know to be true? If a seller is pressuring you to buy, beware.

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