Civil War related canes

Given its significance, the American Civil War, 1861-1865, has been written about as few other wars in history have. Countless books and articles have left a rich and lasting legacy, up to and including the numerous Civil War blogs found on the internet today.

Walt Whitman predicted, “a great literature will…arise out of the era of those four years.” He was correct, and this interest has not yet abated.

A large quantity of both Union and Confederate memorabilia, both above and below ground, has been discovered in the years following the Civil War; there is enormous interest in all things Civil War.

Collecting categories may include firearms, swords, uniforms, flags, projectiles both large and small, medals, ephemera, tokens, musical instruments, and the list goes on.

Folk art Civil War related canes, veterans and G.A.R. canes, were often carved out of wood with intricate designs and insignia’s, and worn as a token of respect and congratulations. Some were made to record important accomplishments of an individual’s life or experiences, or to denote a person’s company, rank, and campaigns. Frequently seen are carved wooden canes commemorating various Civil War battles.

It is nearly impossible to determine if a cane was made prior to or during the Civil War, in a hospital or prisoner of war camp, without some specific imagery, wording or provenance.

For further reading, please see the article “Veterans/G.A.R. canes” listed under “Commemorative canes: Relic, memento, and souvenir canes/walking sticks.”

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